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New Book for ESL Teachers

Hold the Line Please -

If you teach English to non-native speakers, or know someone who does, you may very well want to know about this book.

Though originally designed for learning English over the phone, ‘Hold The Line, Please’ works equally well for face-to-face classroom situations. But the reality is that many adult language learners today are improving their English skills by phone.

Did you say English lessons…by telephone?

Yes, and there are several reasons for it.

Engineers and technicians and sales men and women and human resource managers are busy people. It’s hard enough to find time to attend several meetings and accomplish everything on the day’s agenda, let alone attend an English lesson during the lunch hour or at the end of the day.

A 30-minute phone lesson once or twice a week is efficient, doesn’t waste precious travel time for student or trainer (less CO2 pollution), and gives the student a safe environment in which to practice what can often times turn into a stressful situation — learning to speak a foreign language.

What’s inside

‘Hold The Line, Please’ is a 30-page workbook, downloadable as a PDF file, and filled with activities that can easily be done over the telephone. Along with grammar and vocabulary exercises, your beginner to pre-intermediate student will practice these simple, yet sometimes challenging tasks:

  • introducing oneself
  • talking about daily routines
  • making a request
  • saying the alphabet
  • telling the time
  • using common phone expressions
  • giving instructions
  • describing shapes and dimensions

and much more.

If you’re not sure what material to use with your beginner/pre-intermediate level student — or simply tired of scraping together exercises from the Internet week after week — ‘Hold The Line, Please’ is a complete and easy-to-use resource that will give the student up to 30 hours of language instruction when combined with other complimentary material.

To see an abridged copy of ‘Hold The Line, Please’, including the full table of contents, click here to see what it looks like and to get a feel for how it works.

To buy your own copy of the book, click here.